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I was born in 1956 in Adelaide, South Australia and have lived all my life in the state. Being a second-generation painter, my father, Ivan Boaden was an accomplished decorator, sign-writer and oil landscape artist. I carried out my apprenticeship with him through Marleston Technical College beginning in 1973.

The artistic traits must have been in the blood because they showed from an early age during my primary school years. Although having never received any formal art training I always had the ability to pick it up by eye.

I had a late start in the commercial production of murals, not commencing until the early 1990's. In recent years I have undertaken several advanced courses to improve and vary my existing skills.


I have an excellent rapport with clients and am able to assist in translating their vision into reality.

Additionally, my wife Colleen has become more involved with the running of the business. With her clerical skills and my creative painting ability we have found an excellent working balance.

It gives me great joy, fulfilment and satisfaction adding these works of art and many more to my history.



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